Michelle's services are fully booked and she is not taking new clients at this time. 

Michelle is working on her digital parenting course and then will transition into maternity leave March 2022. It is still to be determined when and if live services will return as an option after this time. 

In the meantime...

You can sign up to receive email updates on Michelle's new course: 

Parenting Through Attachment

A course for caregivers that want to:
-Understand their child's innate need for a secure attachment relationship
-Learn how to build a foundation of security in their child that will last a lifetime
-Learn how to work through parenting challenges while honoring their child's needs
-Learn how their own history in parent-child relationships impacts their parenting today and how to make changes for generations to come

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*Please note that 1:1 services are booked and closed at this time. Responses may be limited March-May due to Michelle's maternity leave.

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