Childcare Transitions with Attachment in Mind

Curious Girl

1hr | $20
Have an upcoming childcare transition and worried about your attachment relationship? There are ways to prepare that will help support your child's security and help set up you and your child for a successful transition. In this webinar, we will cover what you need to know about transitioning children ages birth to 5 years old to varying methods of childcare.

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Understanding Attachment Webinar

Mother and Baby

1hr | $20

Attachment security doesn't have to be an unknown. In this webinar, I review:

-What is attachment and what are the essential elements for security?

-Stages of attachment development from infancy -

The important role attachment plays in development

-The real risks for insecurity

-Repair and how it's done

-and more!

*This live event has concluded. Replay is available for purchase.*