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I am so happy that you are here.

Babies and Brains is a space where parents and caregivers of all types can come to receive education, tools, and support through parent coaching to better understand their child(ren).


The first five years of life lay the foundation for how we interact with our world in the future. With the information provided in this space, you can learn how to read your child's cues and respond to your child in a way that enhances the quality of your relationship with them, supports their emotional needs, and builds healthy brain architecture for future learning, security, happiness, and success.

My approach always honors the caregiver as the expert on their own child. Your feelings, instincts, values, and culture are of utmost importance in the coaching process and will always be honored. No matter the title or degree that someone holds, nobody knows your child better than YOU. My coaching style views our coaching relationship as a partnership, with us working together to meet your parenting goals. 



Hi, I'm Michelle! 

I have always been passionate about helping others. I spent 8 years in the community behavioral health field serving families directly in their homes before I started Babies and Brains in July 2020.

I received my Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and my Master of Advanced Studies degree in Infant-Family Practice from Arizona State University.

I have always loved working with my community. The purpose behind the creation of Babies and Brains was to expand my community to those around the globe. I am so happy to be able to connect with those that I otherwise would not meet in my previous role.

My hope is that the tools, insight, and support that I provide will empower you to parent in a way that aligns with your family values and instincts.

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